Starting from what are the current and (we hypothesize) future market demands, we propose the development of two types of products:

1 – BMS INDUSTRIAL SAFETY: The evolution of regulations for industrial applications will soon make it mandatory to adopt more stringent safety levels (safety – SIL and ASIL). Therefore, starting from ST products, including L9963E (14 channel monitoring and balancing IC)  and L9963T (Isolated Transceiver), already certified in terms of safety, it is undoubtedly strategic at an economic and technological level to anticipate market trends and satisfy already current requests with superior products in terms of safety (For example using ST MCU with dual core and lockstep system) .

2 –BMS INDUSTRIAL ENTRY: Always keeping an eye on costs, we also consider it necessary to develop a BMS capable of satisfying what are currently all customer requests, at the lowest possible cost, thus providing a valid global solution for any type of product that uses lithium batteries.